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Bohemian style clothes

Bohemian style, often called “boho” or “boho chic,” focuses on free and flowy fashions, natural fabrics, and earthy colors and patterns. The style was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s, but its roots trace

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What is the power of positive thinking?

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi This mindset was supported by many ancient thinkers, philosophers or scientists from ancient times until today. Yet, I personally know that today’s “modern” person find positive

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Beach bags

When you start writing or typing your beach packing list, I bet you first think of large, summer beach bag where you can place all of your beach essentials. Apart beautiful, light colored design

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Learn to be happy (on your own)

If you want to be happy the rest of your life, you need to make that call first. It’s a decision. It is the understanding that happiness is not destination but journey. It starts

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Skin care tips to make your skin glow

How to get and maintain healthy skin condition is the question all of us ask, who wants to prolong skin aging. Skin has many functions, since this is the body’s largest organ, and it;s

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Christmas Beach Decor

Either you live close to the beach, went on Christmas vacation on the beach or simply want to have beachy themed Christmas decoration this year in your house – go through this article to

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Summer Date Night Outfits

If you are spending summer with your loved one, you probably will have a lot of inspiration when it comes to your nights out. You both know what the other one like, what is

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Places to go on vacation

Either you are taking one long or few mini vacations, the best way is to create check list and do all necessary preparation. During this year I went on 3 mini trips with my

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Beach Clothes

To start from existential, philosophical or spiritual perspective – why do we wear clothes, anyway? Apart from social norms lets get some deeper dive in clothing purpose. Clothing, or clothes, apparel, attire, is a

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Fun things to do at the beach

For lot of us beach holiday stands for sunbathing, reading, sleeping, little bit of swimming or floating on the waves and then repeating. It’s a appealing way to recover from the stress of everyday

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