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Fun things to do at the beach

For lot of us beach holiday stands for sunbathing, reading, sleeping, little bit of swimming or floating on the waves and then repeating. It’s a appealing way to recover from the stress of everyday

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Somebody Said Beach Wedding?

If you are true beach lover and found another love of your life (husband to be) you might have wedding plans. And you want it to happen on the Beach! Well, fun is about

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Love Your Body

“Body image issues” usually start to appear along with warmer weather, when we’re slipping into more revealing clothes. Then we start to feel guilty about what and how much we ate, how much we

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Ballet Flats
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Oka-B Shoes Review

Oka-B Shoes Review My personal preference when consider summer or beach footwear is rubber material, because of the flexibility, softness and comfort they provide. One of the world wide favorite manufacturers (mine, too) for

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Flip Flops
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Women Summer Shoes

In this post we are going to discuss a lil’ bit about which shoes are best for summer. Most comfortable beach shoes for women According to some scientists, sandals and slippers are perfect shoe

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Fit Your Swimwear

Choosing the best fit swimwear   Choosing just right swimwear can be rather stressful, especially when you are not mannequin figured (like majority of us 🙂 ) or have different top and bottom sizes.

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