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Hello, folks!

I’m starting this blog content due to my huge passion for fashion & cosmetics.

I will try to provide as much as possible information needed about interesting topics regarding beach fashion.

As a truly beach and Sun lover – there I feel and become at my best 🙂

Find all information that you need at one place

From a consumer’s perspective – when I’m getting ready for the beach season – I would’ve like to visit one site where I can inform about new fashion collections of swimwear for actual season, sunglasses, hats, pareos, beach clothes, beach towels & bags, sun care, skin & hair care, after sun care, lip balms with SPF factor, waterproof make up etc.

Proper sun skincare is very important due to avoiding wrinkles, sun spots, sun burns, allergies or skin cancer.


Be 100% prepared for the beach

Proper preparation for your dream beach holiday (or, even better, if you live close to the beach) is essential for full enjoyment. Finding the best offer deals or tips & tricks will improve your overall summer pleasure.

It should save your time and energy and make your preparation fun and easy part of the beautiful journey you are about to take.

Let the happiness starts!

All the best,



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