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Beach as a Lifestyle

Nowadays, term “Beach lifestyle” became a synonym for happy and fulfilled way of living.

People are more ready to move on the coasts, creating a perfect work – life balance.

For the Beach lovers, as myself, being around the ocean or sea is tremendous liberating feeling. Connected to Nature and as much to yourself. Being a significant part of all Creation. Being alive and enjoying it with each sense of yours. Nothing else can not replace the smell of salty air, healthy sea food or magnificent Sunrises and Sunsets observed from the Beach. That’s where I feel most vivid, most care free, most connected to the Source – whether I just do walking my bare foot, or meditating, or simply enjoying the moment(s).

Beach provides good vibes, caused by pure joy and happiness, great positive energy that heeling is all over around.

Life is just better at the Beach!

Beach is good for your health

on, or simply visiting, the Beach – improves your Mind, Body and Soul.

“Sea air has higher level of oxygen, therefore quality of sleep is much higher” (Dr Natasha Bijlani, a consultant psychiatrist) “The sound of waves is relaxing and pleasant to the brain – which can help clear the mind, lower stress levels and strengthen your immune system”.

You can do a lot of exercise, for free 🙂 , either you choose yoga, running, walking, swimming or what ever suites you. Environment motivates you.

According to a 2016.study, being close to the sea is more calming than green spaces, because sea provides a sense of space, openness and fresh air.

Beach has heeling and rejuvenating qualifications.

Be fully prepared for the Beach

Either you choose Beach dream vacation or live close to the one – you should be fully prepared from head to toes to dazzle!

Choosing a proper cuncare body and face creams is essential to your skin health, as well as hair care. Healthy skin is most beautiful skin.

Choose the following accessories according to your unique, preferred style – sunglasses, big or small hats, scarves, beach dresses, flip-flops or other beach footwear.

Beach must-have accessories

For the perfect Beach day you have to be equipped with:

1. Swimwear (or not?! It’s up to you 🙂 )

2. Beach towel

3. Beach bag

4. Sun care products (for body, face, lips, hair)

5. Sunglasses

6. Hat

7. Beach footwear

You can add if you like:

8. Drink holder

9. Cooler bag

10. Handheld fan

11. Waterproofed speakers

12. Waterproof phone cover

13. What ever comes to your mind

Choosing the Beach Style

According to your style preferences – choose a Beach style that describes you and your personality. Who you are.

Release your inner shine and easy become Queen of the Beach.

You may look like boho girl, fitness goddess or shiny princess. You can show off and sparkle or you can just lying down in a sun shade reading a book.

It’s absolutely up to you!

Go out and make a difference!


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