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Beach Clothes

To start from existential, philosophical or spiritual perspective – why do we wear clothes, anyway? Apart from social norms lets get some deeper dive in clothing purpose. Clothing, or clothes, apparel, attire, is a

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Fun things to do at the beach

For lot of us beach holiday stands for sunbathing, reading, sleeping, little bit of swimming or floating on the waves and then repeating. It’s a appealing way to recover from the stress of everyday

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Somebody Said Beach Wedding?

If you are true beach lover and found another love of your life (husband to be) you might have wedding plans. And you want it to happen on the Beach! Well, fun is about

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Some of the most beautiful beaches

When you need a getaway from your daily routine or planning vacation or just need an inspiration, here are some world’s most beautiful beaches: Algarve, Portugal Nea Skioni, Greece Budelli, Sardinia, Italy Balandra Beach,

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Hawai Beach
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Beach as a Lifestyle

Beach as a Lifestyle Nowadays, term “Beach lifestyle” became a synonym for happy and fulfilled way of living. People are more ready to move on the coasts, creating a perfect work – life balance.

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