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Can you imagine sitting on the beautiful beach early in the morning, just after the sunrise, when everywhere around you is peace and quiet? You can see, hear and feel Beauty of the world with every sense of yours. The Sky, the Sun, the Waves, the sand, the warmth, the breeze, salty smell, pines smell, sun tan lotion smell… Repetitive sound of waves calms you down and you can easily connect yourself with the Nature at the perfect moment you are in.

Sounds great and easy, right? Beach meditation

But what when there are a bunches of people and noise? When you are at the crowd beach? When there are distractions?

How to meditate when there is no silence

You should change your focus; from everything that distracts you. Concentrate on your feelings and inner peace. You can lye down on sun bed or sit on the chair / towel / sand where ever is most comfortable for you.

Put the open palms on your lap, facing the Sky.

Breathe deeply, aware of the Beauty in your surrounding.

Be aware of each part of your body.

During exhaling try to relax each body part, starting from the toes and feet. Breathe in, breathe out.

Pay full attention on your shoulders and try to relax them as much as possible (neck and shoulders are, usually, most tensed body parts).

Clear your mind from thoughts. Enjoy the present moment. Be grateful on the present moment.

Be grateful for your health, for your eyesight, for hearing, for walking..

Be grateful for who you are and where are you today.

While breathing out, you can focus on one term which suits your present direction. Visualize letters of the term. (My term is WISDOME, for ex.). You can choose what ever you aim to – Peace; Knowledge; Love; Money; Abundance…

Depends on you, really, and your desires.

When you practice this long enough, you’ll soon become easily focused on your inner self, doesn’t matter the environment and so called distraction. Focus on you!

But if you find it difficult to switch off from the surrounding, simply use ear phones and listen some guided outdoors meditation.

Find some meditation online free, bellow

Guided meditation for the beach 1

Guided meditation on the beach 2

Guided meditation for the beach 3

Or just need subtle music for meditation and relaxation:

relaxation music 1

relaxation music 2

relaxation music 3

One of the true benefits of meditation is to learn how to control your thoughts and think only thoughts that serve your beliefs.

Stay tuned and in a good mood!

If you have any question or comment about topic above, leave a comment 🙂

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Nathalie Lavoie

Great article! I look forward to trying these guided outdoors meditations as I’ve tried a couple of times now to mediate (not on the beach yet), and my mind keeps wondering off. I will give this a try.
Thanks for sharing!

Sep 27.2019 | 01:52 am


    Thanks, Nathalie, for your comment. To me – meditation is a powerful skill to be in control of our thoughts (when we have ‘negative’ thought, in split second we glue another negative thought, then another one… eventually we create ‘a problem’ by our thoughts) and in connection with our nonphysical part.
    At the beginning of your meditation journey, you can just focus on your breathing and count breathing outs (breathe in, breathe out -1, breathe in, breathe out 2 etc) and visualize your body parts relaxing, one by one. Never mind if your thoughts start to wander around, just be aware of it and change your focus on breathing again. Eventually, your thoughts will serve you, not the opposite way 🙂 (I had some really great insights and ideas came up during meditation)
    Wishing you the best of luck!

    Sep 27.2019 | 07:36 am

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