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“Body image issues” usually start to appear along with warmer weather, when we’re slipping into more revealing clothes. Then we start to feel guilty about what and how much we ate, how much we worked out (or didn’t work out), amount of time we spent being passive (instead of just walking, for ex.), etc.

Of course, image of our self is strongly caused by current Beauty Standards we all excepted without questioning.

Beauty Standards Around the World

What is the standard of “perfect body”? Well, it depends WHO you ask!

Perceptions of beauty can have a deep and lasting cultural impact on both women and men. What you need is to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty, realizing how such pressures vary around the world. As you travel the world, beauty standards actually change. What is consider the MUST of beauty in one country my be considered average or even ugly or ‘not acceptable’ in another. Also, these standards change over time. Decades ago, the most common definition of ‘beautiful’ was more curvaceous. We have transitioned from that to being slim. Than transitioned again from that and added “healthy slim” – slim but muscular physique.

Majority of people connect food and body figure. Lot of Americans exclude carbs or sugar from their nutrition, in order to stay slim and “healthy”. Put all the blame to food type. Well, I strongly disagree to totally exclude any food type. It’s not about WHAT you eat but about the quantity and BALANCE of all type nutrition.

For ex. Italian cooking is based on carbs and yet, Italian women have long been considered beautiful. They take care of themselves, embrace life and enjoy all aspects of it. French women are all about natural beauty but being fashion forward. British women tend to prefer a more aristocratic look of slenderness. Also, don’t worry as much about getting older. They view these changes as signs of maturity and wisdom. Brazilians embrace the look of a more curvaceous body for years. Maori women in New Zealand consider face tattoos a true sign of beauty. And so on.

The point is – we all have our own opinions because we are all beautifully different! We need to get away from narrow and often unattainable standards that leave so many women around the world dealing with self esteem issues.

Learning Love Yourself first

To learn how to love your body you must go deeply in your self, first. We are much more than our bodies, agree? As human beings, essential elements we are consist of:

* Soul/Spirit (nonphysical part)               
* Mind
* Body (physical part)

Order of these 3 major parts by priorities is changing when we are growing. (This is my exact priority order at present moment) As we get mature, almost none of us would put body prior to mind or soul because we know better! We are beautiful mixture of our beliefs, attitudes, emotions and unique characteristics.

But, as we evolving and learning – we should feel comfortable and fit in our bodies which present all of our inner world. Every person is beautiful if she/he wants to be! Until the certain age – we are all beautiful, after the certain age – our inner beauty comes out. People who are progressive and love their selves, people with beautiful souls  are beautiful in every age 🙂

Don’t compare your appearance to others! Be inspired by others who’s values you appreciate but create your own values! Don’t compare your body to others! Embrace your own body as a part of you, part which needs a lot of care & love by you.

Focus on health and feeling well

Focus on the way being healthy makes you feel and what it gives you. Feed your body nourishing food so that you constantly feel your best. Remove worries of disease and poor health. Exercise if you like, to relieve daily stress, to fight anxiety, to feel great. Meditate if you like, to connect more with your emotions, to see the bigger picture, to obtain inner peace.

Do the self talks

Treat your self with the highest respect. Practice self talks (looking at the mirror, if possible). Afirmate and repeat phrases which celebrate the best of who you are. Talk to your inner child. Encourage him/her.

Be grateful and think positive thoughts

Learn to release negative thoughts about your body and focus on the good things that it brings you every day. Be grateful for being able to walk, or run, or dance, or simply moving your body parts (there are people who are not able to do all that, unfortunately). If you work out, be grateful for all baby steps and accomplishments. If you don’t work out (like my self 🙂 ) you can dance out! Raising your gratitude is the first step to enjoying your life as it is.

Love yourself and the rest will sort it out

By recognizing and releasing negative thoughts, celebrating your efforts and achievements, telling positive affirmations to yourself, reading books and contents that interest you, by removing focus from all worries that bother you (worries won’t make any good) and focus on potential solutions – will make your first step of continuous self care. That doesn’t mean that you are become self obsessed, on the contrary, it should raise self awareness and self love.Once you begin to treat yourself with the respect and care, the habits needed for physical transformation will develop naturally.

Body awareness guided meditation

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How true. We accepted the standards of beauty that someone, somewhere set. Sadly no one questioned and not everyone has been able to shake off the definition and find their own beauty. We are unique in different ways and if we cannot accept ourselves and love ourselves as we are, no one else will find the need to.I agree that the most important issue to to look after our own health as best as we can. Proper food and a little exercise goes a long way. Thank you for these insightful thoughts on how to treat and appreciate ourselves. Great article.

Oct 17.2019 | 08:15 am


    Hi, Carol, I’m very happy that you liked my post. It’s meant to increase people’s awareness about who they really are and truly accept it. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

    Oct 17.2019 | 10:21 am


This is very interesting to see here and I can only say thank you for sharing this much opportunity with me here. One thing that I have learned well is the fact that, before I can successfully love my body, I must first fall in love with my body structure and with that, achieving the best would seem possible. Identifying what makes me unique and lovely are the two major areas where I must focus on. Thank you

Oct 17.2019 | 08:20 am


    Hi, Rodarrick, thank you for your comment. Self-love and acceptance is mandatory in every action we take. It’s a starting point 😉

    Oct 17.2019 | 10:25 am


“Do not compare your self others”. That statement should be written in bold letters as that alone is one big problem most people face when dealing with their personality. Accepting who you are without thoughts of wanting to change is the first step to seeing the beauty we posses. We all have this angel in us that need to be acknowledged before it showcases it self to us. Like you have said, we all have our own definition of beautiful and we should be proud of it. Nice post.

Oct 17.2019 | 08:25 am


    Hi, Benson, thank you for your comment and suggestion about bold letters (sounds very good, actually) – I will correct it asap.

    Oct 17.2019 | 10:29 am


It’s true that our perspective about what a perfect body is always differ from each other and it solely depends on the person we ask. Standard varies from one country to another, it also varies from person to person and these standard Perceptions of beauty can be known when visiting the various countries in the world. Also, I’ve read so many articles that place the blame of weight gain on a particular food type, I’m in total support of what you said that it depends on the quantity we ingest into our system, it all depends on balance. We are different from each other, so don’t compare yourself with another person, your shapes and all. I’ve learned a lot of things from this article, I’ll share it to my wife, she’s fascinated by this kind of thing. Thanks.

Oct 17.2019 | 08:31 am


    Hi, DreaJay, thank you very much for your comment! I’m glad you liked it and shared, hope your wife will like it, too 🙂

    Oct 17.2019 | 10:33 am


This is a great topic. Body image starts so young now. I always tried to instill in my 2 kids that health is different than beauty. I wanted them to be healthy and love themselves no matter how they looked. I like how you added self talk and being grateful. Gratitude is always something that will never lead you down a negative path. Thank you for sharing this great information.


Oct 17.2019 | 08:50 am


    Dear Lisa, thank you for your comment! I’m so glad that you liked the post and that we are sharing the same values. About the kids – it’s really important for them to learn about self-love (I am raising my 2 kids in same manner) at young age so they can grow up as confident people, believing and ready to achieve their dreams.

    Oct 17.2019 | 10:40 am

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