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Oka-B Shoes Review

My personal preference when consider summer or beach footwear is rubber material, because of the flexibility, softness and comfort they provide. One of the world wide favorite manufacturers (mine, too) for this kind of footwear is Oka-B.

Oka-B shoes are cute, comfortable and so versatile. The first thing that people notice about their shoes is how cute and fashionable their shoes are.They have heels, flats, thongs and slides that are embellished with ribbons, bows, jewels and other attachments carefully selected by
their designers.

In addition to being cute, they are above all comfortable.

Their shoes are lightweight, flexible and ergonomically designed with arch-support and soothing massage beads for maximum comfort. Plus, they can be worn with just about any outfit on just about any occasion. These features are what make Oka-B Handcrafted in America!

What Oka-B customers really appreciate

These are some of the benefits:
1. Comfort
2. Flexibility
3. Durability
4. Endurance
5. Design
And some more when you buy in online store:
* 30 day return and exchange policy
* 2 year product guarantee
* E-certificates
* Customer reviews
* Order tracking

Oka-B Ballet flats


Oka-B Ballet flats review

Characteristics & Benefits:

  • Flexible – Their shoes are made of a specially formulated material that is soft, lightweight, and flexible for all day comfort and everyday wear
  • Easy to clean – Their recyclable material is easy to wear and clean – just wipe your shoes down, or run them in the washing machine or even the dishwasher.
  • Comfortable – The principles of reflexology inspire the design of all Oka-B shoes. Their strategically placed massage beads pamper your feet with every step.

Adelpha Matte Ballet FlatAdelpha Matte Ballet Flat


Oka-B Sandals review

Characteristics & Benefits:

  • Shape designed for a wide range of fit
  • Slide style with buckled back strap
  • Arch support and heel cup for stability and support
  • Patented¬†recyclable¬†material

Quinn Sandal

Quinn Sandal


Oka-B Flip flops review

Characteristics & Benefits:

  • Shape designed for a wide range of fit
  • Straps that lie flat against your feet
  • Arch support and heel cup for stability and support
  • Patented¬†recyclable, slip resistant material

Tybee Flip Flop



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