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If you are true beach lover and found another love of your life (husband to be) you might have wedding plans. And you want it to happen on the Beach! Well, fun is about to start then..


What you need to consider before you make it happen:

  1. Check for the permit – It is not always required, may depend on guest list count or amount of time you plan to reserve the part of it as your own piece of heaven for the few hours. You should check.
  2. Location – Choosing your favorite beach part for your dream wedding come true
  3. Wedding attire – Make sure your guests are aware of clothing (light, loose, slippery materials are welcomed) on the sand, especially footwear. You may choose, with wedding organizator, set a wooden flooring for those guests wearing high heels (including the Bride 🙂 )
  4. Beach wedding constraints – Kind reminder that most of the public beaches have many strict rules when it comes to protecting the enviroment. Things like helium baloons, confetti, rice, glass, styrofoam etc – may be prohibited. Get the familiars with all the rules and regulations before taking other actions.
  5. Check the weather forecast – Before setting a date, be sure that you’ve checked the weather forecast – including the wind or high tide. You don’t want you or  your guests getting wet with messy hairs.
  6. Skilled photographers and videographers – It is very important to choose experienced photographers and videographers with history of documenting beach weddings. Your wedding pictures heritage will be there fore generations after you to watch.
  7. Have a proper sound system – There are a lot of noise, including the waves and wind, on beach weddings so make sure that your gusts don’t miss out anything.
  8. Choosing a beach wedding organizator – In order to avoid stress about detailed organization of your dream beach wedding, I highly recomment you to hire someone professional to do it for you. You should only care about precise instructions and how to glow on your special day!

Beach Wedding Ideas

While a beach wedding provides you with outstanding natural scenography and decor – there are still so many fun things you can do enrich your wedding set up! Whether it’s beach wedding photo ideas, or invitations, or thematic table set up – your imagination is free to express it self and bypass everything conventional and borring.


Beach wedding invitations ideas



Beach wedding bouquets ideas



Beach wedding table set ideas



Must-Have Candles



Beach wedding cake ideas



Sky lanterns

Assuming that you’ve got permission – sky lanterns would’ve been perfect closure of your wedding day

Her Highness Beach Wedding Dress

Your perfect wedding dress should match both your personal style and the wedding venue. Is it formal or relaxed, modern or vintage, over the top or simple – it’s up to you only! Beach wedding dress should fit you perfectly, moving along with you, swaying in the wind, comfortable and unique. Make sure you have chosen right outdoor fabric – you shouldn’t be to cold, consider a lightweight shawl or wrap. You shouldn’t be to hot, neither. Recommended organza, chiffon, gazer and lace for beach dress, as light, airy fabrics that breathe and move easily. Consider the volume of the dress – the more volume, the heavier. you don’t want to limit your movements especialy while dancing.

If you have chosen white color – remember that there are lot of shades of white. Take your dress outside to see it in natural light since you are having outdoor wedding. For beach wedding dress you can choose pastel shades of blue or mint, vintage floral prints or pretty jewels sewn into fabric.

What ever your choice is – be sure that how you feel in it is most important. You should feel like Queen of the World!


Beach wedding dresses ideas

Some more ideas regarding beach wedding look


Beach wedding hairstyles



Bridal hair accessories



Bridal jewelry sets



Foot jewelry for beach wedding

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I think many people love the idea of a beach wedding. I mean, can you get any more romantic? I appreciate that you share all of the things to consider when planning a beach wedding. It sounds like it would be simple, but there are many things to consider. I would love to go to a beach wedding as I think it would be the perfect place to say “I do”.

Nov 05.2019 | 01:28 pm


    Thank you, Wendy, for your comment, I couldn’t agree more 🙂

    Nov 05.2019 | 01:59 pm


This is so interesting, I’m a very big lover of beach and  I take every slight chance I get to visit but it’s quite painful that married and Its a one time thing, lol. The idea is great, the help you’ve proffered in this article are very useful and are thoughtful too. I’ll try and your website to some platforms, who knows who it’s going to be a life saver to. 

Nov 05.2019 | 01:30 pm


    Thank you, Wildecoll, for your kind comment. If you are the beach lover, like I am, I’m sure that you have similar minded friends & family who can invite you on some beach wedding 🙂 Or better yet, since you’ve missed organizing your own beach wedding, maybe your children will have one in the future?!


    Nov 05.2019 | 02:13 pm


I am currently planning for my wedding which will take place sometime next year.
I would love a destination beach wedding, but I am definitely out of my element trying to coordinate with vendors in a different state.
Do you have any tips on planning a beach wedding from a different city?

Nov 05.2019 | 01:36 pm


    First of all, thank you for your comment.

    I realize that organizing a wedding in the town you live in is hard enough, but organizing a remote wedding can cause serious headache(s). You can

    1. Do the research and find full-service vendors or hire wedding organizers who will do it for you. If you are hiring planner (organizer), don’t just rely on wedding website comment but try to reach former clients and ask about their overall experience, before you choose.

    2. Make a list of requirements and be as much specific as possible with all your requirements. It might help that you create a vision board on Pinterest so you can share your ideas with vendors, florists, cake decorators, wedding planners etc. Picture says a thousand words.

    3. If is possible, go and see the venue in person, before you book it. Meet the people who will participate in organizing so you can communicate easier further on.

    Hope it was helpful 🙂

    And huge congratulations to you!

    Nov 05.2019 | 02:42 pm


Ever since I was a kid I was always into resort places that are surrounded by water. Guess what the secret to it was? My zodiac sign, I’m a Pisces and my sign is a fish. I’m sure nothing would make me happier that getting married at such a place. 

The idea at first was to get some place by a dam or something like that and wedding by a beach really does out weigh all that and also on the negative side there its really going to be costly as the near beach isn’t in my country hahaha. Despite all the problems related to wedding at a beach I’m willing to see how best I can make this day a great unforgettable day. Thanks a lot.

Nov 05.2019 | 01:37 pm


    Thank you, Donny, for your kind comment. My astrological ascendant is Pisces and I’m a true water lover 🙂 , also

    Beaches are the places with great energy, where people feel most happy and relaxed. Finger crossed to your beach wedding in the future! Keep follow your dreams and make them come true!

    Nov 05.2019 | 02:48 pm


What a good review! My wife and I (well, she and I) dream of a beach wedding. And it is a pending subject that we have! Maybe, on our anniversary we could do something like this.

I really like the 8 points that you recommend to have a well-made wedding since many times these points are not taken into account, because they “seem” obvious. And when making the wedding, we realize that we are missing many things, such as checking the weather!

The latter is what would worry me the most since I find it difficult to anticipate the weather so much. Maybe it would be good to have a gazebo “resistant to difficult climates” :).

By the way, I really liked the idea of ​​the Sky Laterns! I am a fireworks fan, and this is a “good version.” Now that I think about it … it would be great to have fireworks over the sea !!

Well, it seems to me that I will be thinking about having our anniversary on the beach! : D

Thank you very much for this review.

Nov 05.2019 | 01:37 pm


    Thank you, Paul, for your kind comment! Idea of having anniversary celebration sounds just as good, as long you have a lot of fun with your loved one!


    Nov 05.2019 | 02:53 pm


Beach wedding is one of the most amazing and beautiful kind of wedding anyone can have but this is dependent on the way it is planned, so it’s a good and advisable thing for even planners and anyone in charge of this duty to sort out for help of articles like this in order to be able to get more ideas that’ll help them actualize that which they have visualized. The wedding dress idea is nice, likewise the considerations you listed. It’s so nice of you to share this article.

Nov 05.2019 | 01:50 pm


    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m glad you liked the post.


    Nov 05.2019 | 02:55 pm


The beach is a really nice place to have any form of celebration and having your marriage there is indeed a brilliant idea i will buy as well. Having to be in a free environment filled with space and natural air, with a really pretty view of the water would make so much sense. Learning the things to put into consideration from this post would help so many people who have the intentions of having their wedding at the beach make proper plan. Nice post.

Nov 05.2019 | 08:59 pm


    Thank you, Benson, for your kind comment. I’m glad you liked the post!

    Nov 06.2019 | 07:19 am

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