Flip Flops
by Vesna Zarkovic | 8:39 am

In this post we are going to discuss a lil’ bit about which shoes are best for summer.

Oka-B sandals anatomy

Most comfortable beach shoes for women

According to some scientists, sandals and slippers are perfect shoe choice for the sake of health of our feet.

Boots appeared to be the worst for our heels, along with the high heels. (Hey, not hating heels lovers, I wear and love them occasionally, too, but the fact is that they are making our feet suffer)

Wearing uncomfortable shoes affect our physical and mental health – we can easily become irritable, tired or even depressed. Comfortable footwear is a prerequisite for proper posture, mood and self-confidence.

Shoes provide cushioning, support and comfort for foot conditions


Ladies summer shoes

“Perfect shoe for one person is not perfect for another person”

This can be understood literally and metaphorically, it’s very true in both meanings.

Based on your preferences (comfort and style), choose wisely what suits you best.

I prefer wearing rubber footwear on the beach as well on short walks (turned out they are most comfortable)



Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Make your feet breathe. All you have to is get your pedicure done and choose style that fits you most.


Flip Flops 1  Ella Flip Flop


Flip Flops 2

Tybee Flip Flop


Sandy Flip Flop



Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

You can wear them either on the beach, hanging out with friends in beach bars and restaurants or short walks.


Ainsley Shiny Ballet Flat


Lisa Matte Ballet Flat

Livari Matte Ballet Flat




Are the most common summer choice. Get your perfect pair and start enjoying summer!

Nova T-Strap Sandal


Quinn Sandal

Sandals 3

Shelly T-Strap Sandal


Apart rubber footwear, which is best solution for sand and beach, I’m a huge fan of gladiator sandals as a summer footwear.

In these kind of sandals you will make your feet breathe, your legs will look longer and you will look trendy and fashionable. Pick the right length, from ankle to knee length, make one of those your must-have within your summer outfit.

Here are some suggestions:

Shoespie Cut Out Lace Up Flat Gladiator Sandals

 Cut Out Lace Up Flat Gladiator Sandals


Shoespie Embellished Strappy Thong Gladiator Sandals

Embellished Strappy Thong Gladiator Sandals


Shoespie Unique Design Gladiator Sandals

Unique Design Gladiator Sandals


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The best summer shoes for women topic is one I’m always down for, after all my shoe closet still has some space left! Even though it’s way too cold here where I am in the Pacific North West USA, I do plan ahead for the Spring. Right now I have a pretty worn down pair of beach sandals from Birkenstock (Arizona slides) and think I just might throw some new sandals on my Christmas wish list hehe 😉

Nov 12.2019 | 09:12 am


    Thank you for your kind comment, glad you like the post! Start with your  shoes wish list asap, Christmas is knocking 😉


    Nov 12.2019 | 10:12 am

Gaurav Gaur

Hi, Vensa.
Thanks for sharing your views on various types of beach footwear. Out of Flip Flops, Ballet Flats, Sandals and Gladiators Scandals – Flip Flops seems to be the best option, though my wife likes Ballet Flats more. It’s interesting to note that Gladiators Scandals are also in demand on beach footwear, we shall try one.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur

Nov 12.2019 | 09:26 am


    Hi, Gaurav, thank you for commenting. Agree that flip-flops are most suitable for the beach (and summer, overall), due to easy maintain and cleaning, but there are other options, too 🙂 Rubber ballet flats are also in, gladiator sandals are for those who want to be fashionable always and everywhere.

    I’m glad you liked it!

    Nov 12.2019 | 10:20 am

Jordan Smith

Thanks for this article. We were discussing about foot wears for summer yesterday and she told needs to change her summer shoes and I’m glad I found this site. She has this pair of sketchers which she claimed to be ugly even though she once told me it was super comfortable. I’m sharing this post to her RN, I believe she will appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Nov 12.2019 | 09:33 am


    I’m glad you found my post useful 🙂 thank you for your kind comment!

    Nov 12.2019 | 10:13 am

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